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As manager, CEO, banker, meditation teacher, university lecturer I‘m integrating my unique know-how portfolio for new solutions in coaching and in team transformation processes – Friedhelm Boschert

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Your Friedhelm Boschert

My very unique know-how portfolio

Mindful.Solutions from a manager with international management experience and long time meditation practice

  • 8 years CEO, international bank for CEE region, Vienna, 5.000 staff
  • 2 years CEO, specialised bank, Vienna, 50 staff
  • 2 years head of division, bank, Hamburg, 200 staff
  • 3 years board member, bank consulting, Vienna, 25 staff
  • 5 years head of team and department, bank, Frankfurt/Berlin



  • Restructuring of a Division of an international bank
  • Designing and implementing a cooperative meta-structure for cooperative banks in vietnam
  • Re-positioning of a specialised bank
  • Establishing new holding and network structures for banking network
  • New business strategy for banking group
  • Integrating bank into international banking group
  • ZEN Meditation
  • Meditation retreats in Asia
  • ZEN-Leadership-School Germany
  • Certified teacher in Meditation and Mindfulness, Vienna
  • Presencing Foundation Programme, Prof. Otto Scharmer, Boston
  • Trainer for Kalapa-Leadership-Akademie, Cologne
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Profesorship 1996/1997 at University of applied Sciences Berlin: „Banking“
  • Lecturer at IMC-University of applied sciences FH Krems: „Leadership“, „CSR“
  • Lecturer at University of Commerce Hanoi (for IMC FH Krems):“Leadership“
  • Seminars at Ostfalia University of applied sciences, Wolfsburg
  • Summer term 2018, Lecturer at Wirtschafts-Universität Vienna, „Mindful Management“
  • Book „sich selbst führen. Und dann die anderen“ (leading yourself. then others),Vienna, 2011
  • Bookchapter „Stakeholder Relation-Management as a leadership task“ in: Altenburger, R. „CSR und Stakeholder-Management“, 2015
  • Symposium „Leadership and Meditation“, Nov. 21, 2013, Vienna
  • Journal articel „ZEN für Geschäftsleiter – Führen mit ZEN“ in: cooperativ 3/2010
  • Journal articel „Sicherung der Qualität von Mikrofinanz-Institutionen“ in: Zfgk 2/2010
  • Journal articel „Neue Wege im Risikomanagement“, in: GG 1+2/2000
  • Apprenticeship at a cooperative bank
  • Various job assignements at cooperative central banks in Germany and Austria
  • GIZ-Project „Mobilization of savings with Cooperatives in Jordan“
  • Dissertation „Cooperative identity and corporate culture of cooperative banks“
  • GIZ-DGRV-Project „Cooperative banking network structures in Vietnam“
  • CEO Austrian Support Association Oikocredit

More about me

Mindful Solutions

If you are overloaded, unconcentrated and do not reach your employees any longer.
If your teams got inflexible, lacking communication and collaboration without common goals.

Then mindfulness-based methods and procedures will bring sustainable impact.

Mindfulness = Far Eastern Tradition + Neuro Sciences


Is managing our attention.

Is a mental ability which enables us to better notice and manage our own patterns of perception, thinking and acting.

Means being present, attentive and anchored in the present moment – without judging, without evaluating, without thoughts having an impact on your perception.

To see reality as it is and not as it should be. To watch yourself, your thoughts and emotions, like being able to watch yourself „from the outside“.

Neuro Sciences

Mind consists of brain and nervous system. Brain, body and mind are forming an inseparable unit.

Mindfulness means balancing one‘s „narrative network“ and the „direct experience network“.

Neuroplasticity of the brain means that we are able to enhance our brains capacity by training. Regular exercises in mindfulness are creating new pathways in the brain.


Six basic principles of mindfulness

Mindfulness cultivates an attitude and does have an impact on your life.


Being present

Bringing your attention fully into the present moment.

Not judging 

Perceiving directly without judging or evaluating.

Beginners´ open mind

Bewaring the spirit and view of a curious beginner.

Friendly acceptance

Facing people, things and situations with friendly acceptance.

Let go

Do neither stick to thoughts, nor emotions nor things.

Acting serenly

Do not strive for any goal frantically.


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Kalapa Leadership Academy
Kloster Sopron
Leadership Mediation
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Mindfulness means: to discover something new in what we think we know already.

Ellen Langer

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The blog is a journey of exploration what mindfulness might bring about – for yourself, for your team and company and for society.